November 30 - December 23, 2018

at the Atwater Village Theatre

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Camelot has fallen.  

The heroes of the Round Table are dead and gone.  The divided kingdoms turn to a reclusive princess in the barren islands of northern Scotland, the last survivor of the royal line, to take power and to lead Britain out of darkness.  Her name is Clarissant.  Her mother, Morgause, was King Arthur’s sister and a wicked sorceress whose power continues to choke Camelot from beyond the grave.  Rather than wear the crown offered to her, Clarissant uses the magic of her ancestors to try desperately to bring back the golden days when her brothers lived to serve the great King Arthur.  Is it truly her destiny to rule Britain?  Or the final step in her mother’s curse? 

In this innovative new play by Shakespeare and Medieval scholar Hailey Bachrach, a dynamite ensemble of 8 women take on the chivalry and epic quests of King Arthur’s Camelot.  Magic, sword fighting, true love, and imagination abound in Little Candle Productions’ World Premiere at Atwater Village Theatre. 

Performances will be at 8pm Thurs-Sat with a 2pm Sunday matinee.  All performances will be "Pay What You Can."